Appendix C. WebDAV and Autoversioning

Table of Contents

What is WebDAV?
Client Interoperability
Standalone WebDAV applications
Microsoft Office, Dreamweaver, Photoshop
Cadaver, DAV Explorer
File-explorer WebDAV extensions
Microsoft Web Folders
Nautilus, Konqueror
WebDAV filesystem implementation
WebDrive, NetDrive
Mac OS X
Linux davfs2

WebDAV is an extension to HTTP, and is growing more and more popular as a standard for file-sharing. Today's operating systems are becoming extremely Web-aware, and many now have built-in support for mounting “shares” exported by WebDAV servers.

If you use Apache as your Subversion network server, then to some extent you are also running a WebDAV server. This appendix gives some background on the nature of this protocol, how Subversion uses it, and how well Subversion interoperates with other software that is WebDAV-aware.